Our Philosophy

Educational Philosophy

Machhapuchchhre school adopts progressive approach which brings about holistic development in children so that they can usher in new and positive changes in the society.

Machhapuchchhre team sees the school as “the school for change makers” and aims to be a centre for academic excellence that fosters social responsibility and international-mindedness among our students.

The mission of Machhapuchchhre school is to encourage and empower children to pursue their intellectual curiosity and creativity along a path of self-discovery that leads to becoming responsible adulthood and, to provide multi-faceted learning environment that includes parents, teachers, student and community where children from all culture and ethnic backgrounds are treated with respect and dignity.

Our Beliefs

A. Education develops the whole child so that each child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs are met.

B. Education leads to deep understanding of importance concepts and mastery of essential skills through instruction which is based on well-researched teaching and learning strategies.

  • Learning is “child-focused”: new learning is connected to and modified on the basis of students’ prior experience and knowledge.
  • Learning is active: students are engaged with real experiences and “hand-on” activities which help them develop (construct) their own understandings.
  • Learning is student’s engagement in critical and creative thinking: students deepen their understanding through questions which require them solve problems, make connections, draw conclusions and articulate their own ideas.
  • Learning is students reflecting on what they have learned from their experiences: through sharing and articulating their learning in groups, students become aware of and take responsibility for their own learning.

C. Education is enhanced through respectful, open and supportive relationship between students and teachers. Students are encouraged to be creative and to share their ideas and feelings.

D. Education is interactive that involves parents and teachers are engaged in partnership through which they support each other to provide positive learning environment for children.