Our Curriculum

Machhapuchchhre School has developed a versatile and balanced curriculum within the framework of the Nepal Government’s National Curriculum. The school delivers this curriculum through progressive approach which connects the students’ learning to life and real world. The school has created learning environment to support the school’s approach to education.

We shall adhere to our beliefs:

  • We consider the school as a part of life; community is an extension of the classroom.
  • We treat children as active learners, problem solvers and planners.
  • We develop teachers as facilitators.
  • We believe parents are the primary teachers, goal setters and planners.
  • We assure that knowledge is constructed through play, direct experience, and social interaction.
  • We focus on children’s questions and inquiry in our instructional activities.
  • We evaluate students through learning benchmark.
  • We encourage collaboration while engaging students in activities.