My happiness knows no bounds as I get an opportunity to mumble my feelings and experiences to our parents, teachers, students and our well-wishers through this prospectus.

We are now at the 21st century labeled as an age of information technology. However, with the dawn of IT, educating children has become both easier and complicated. Education is not merely a matter of training the mind. Of course, training the mind breeds efficiency, but it does not bring about completeness in an individual. Our education emphasizes on merely making us proficient in some branch of knowledge, but largely ignores our hearts. Goodness in human beings does not result from just training the mind but from a judicious combination of the mind and the heart. The man who knows how to split the atom but has no love in his heart becomes a monster.

So our education system must incorporate training of hearts as well as minds. And it can be done only at a school as it is also a miniature society. A school in the true sense helps the individual to flower greatly in love and greatness. A school which imparts a right education can produce students capable of dealing human problems compassionately and humanly.

And we, at Machhapuchhre, are well prepared to train the minds and hearts both with the right education that suits the present world where the number of professionals is on the increase but the number of good human beings is on the decrease.

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